How-To Guides


Managing Your Account Details

Connecting to Your Spouse

You can connect to your spouse after they register on the system. Let’s use an example of a Husband requesting to be connected with his wife. (It’s also possible for a Wife to request to be connect with her Husband.)

Husband’s Instructions:

  1. After logging in, navigate to your Dashboard.
  2. Click “My Spouse”
  3. At the top of the page under “Create Connections as {Your Name} with other members” enter the email address of the spouse you’d like to connect with
  4. Her information will come up on the next page
  5. Click “Add Connection”
  6. Choose “As your Wife” (or “As your Husband” if you are a Wife connecting to a Husband.)
  7. Your spouse will receive an email stating that want connect with you on the Marriage Mentors™ Support System

Wife’s Instructions:

  1. In the email stating that your Husband wants to connect with you, click ACCEPT or REJECT and log into your account
  2. On your “Incoming Connection Requests” you can click the “Confirm” button to make the connection
    1. You can also Accept a request by navigating to your Dashboard and clicking “My Spouse”
    2. You will then have an opportunity to choose “Accept Request”

You are now paired as a Husband and Wife Couple.

Requesting to join an Organization

(Requires Organization Administrator approval)

User’s Instructions:

(This should be done for each spouse in a couple.)
  1. Contact your Organization Administrator to obtain their Organization Key or Organization E-mail address.
  2. After you register and enter your Mentee/Mentor Registration Code, navigate to your Dashboard.
  3. On your Dashboard, click “Organization Info.”
  4. Enter the Organization Key or Organization E-mail address that was given to you by your Organization Administrator and click “Find Organization.”
  5. Enter an optional message and click “Request Membership”

Organization Administrator Instructions:

  • The Organization Administrator will receive and email with the request for a User to join your organization.
  • Once the Organization Administrator clicks ACCEPT or REJECT, they will navigate the “Invite New Members” page. (requires you to be logged in)
  • Under “Sent Invitations and Incoming Membership Requests” the Organization Administrator can view the request and choose to Accept or Reject the request.